Rent A Boyfriend??? Yup! Boyfriends now available for hire…

Do you need to rent a boyfriend?  Perhaps there’s a wedding coming up for someone you know and you were invited with a guest, maybe you want to show off to someone. No matter what the reason, there’s a new website that came out that is now solving the “rent a boyfriend” issue…that site is: is the world’s largest “rent a friend” website! With hundred of thousands of friends from around the world available for hire.

Weddings and proms are the most common reason why people are renting boyfriends, but there’s tons of other reasons why as well. Here are some of the other reasons why girls or guys have rented boyfriends.

1. To show off. Perhaps you have a business party coming up and want to show off to your co-workers.

2.  Tired of hearing their family question why they are single. Renting a boyfriend is a great way to show your family that not only are you seriously looking (whether you are or you are not depends on you) but you have good taste in guys!

3. Is there someone at work annoying you? Have your “rented” boyfriend show up to visit you at work to let all the guys in the office know you are in a relationship.

4. Need help moving?  Why not hand pick the rented boyfriend (or boyfriend’s) if you need a hand boxing up and moving to a new home.

The possibilities are really endless!  To search for available guys in your neighborhood just visit


Not looking for a boyfriend, but rather a girlfriend?
We got you covered: “Rent a Girlfriend

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